In the Cellinese Lab we investigate the evolution, systematics and biogeography of angiosperms (flowering plants). In addition, we are interested in semantic data integration and interoperability and are developing tools that serve the biodiversity and phyloinformatics communities (e.g., TOLKIN, BiSciCol and RegNum).

Monday, February 7, 2011

Low-copy genes

How can something low makes you feel so high?!  Our first test run with low-copy gene sequences gave excellent (better than expected!) results.  A well resolved topology with great support!  Can't wait to show some results.  We are now working on a paper that focuses on alpine taxa and we will show the first Campanuloideae tree generated with low-copy nuclear genes.

Oxford Journals, please take my money!!

How hard can it be to renew a Journal subscription? Well, looks like Oxford Journal is gifting me with a pain in the rear.  I have tried to give them my money since end of 2010.  The renewal site turns down all my credit cards.  Obviously, I had to call in. I spoke to a lady, gave her my membership number and credit card details and hung up happy.  She also confirmed that their on-line system is not performing very well.   Guess what?  That didn't work either.  More than a month later I receive a notice of renewal by mail.  I tried to call the North Carolina office multiple times with no luck, so I am now filling a form by hand.  I have spent enough time on this! Please, take my money!!