Lab Members

Nico Cellinese, Principle Investigator

My primary interests focus on the evolution, systematics and biogeography of angiosperms, in particular Campanulaceae and Melastomataceae. I work at the interface of evolutionary biology and informatics and in my lab we develop tools that support research in biodiversity science.

Nic Miles (Postdoc, 2014-)

Nic spends the best of his time working on the systematics and biogeography of the broad
 Campanulaceae, especially the relationship among the five major lineages, and characters and chromosome evolution. You can reach Nic at nicmiles[at]

Andy Crowl (Biology, PhD student, 2010-)

Andy studies the evolution and biogeography of the Roucela species complex in the Campanulaceae. This is a complex of 12 morphologically similar species primarily endemic to the eastern Mediterranean basin. You can reach Andy at andy.crowl[at]

Rebecca Stubbs (Biology, PhD student, 2013-)

Rebecca is studying the evolution and biogeography of Micranthes (Saxifragaceae). This is a group of small herbs found at high elevation and latitudes that among other things have an interesting Western North America and Eastern North America disjunction. You can reach Rebecca at stubbsrll[at]

Cody Coyotee Howard (Biology, PhD student, 2014-)

Cody studies the systematics and evolution of Ledebouria (Asparagaceae). This is a group of primarily African taxa, with a couple of species in Madagascar and India. Cody has extensive experience collecting in Africa and has already assembled a significant living collection of Ledebouria plant species. You can contact Cody at cchoward[at]

Linda Nhon (Undergraduate student)

Linda is working on the evolution and systematics of Legousia and Triodanis (Campanulaceae). She was recently awarded an Undergraduate Research Honor Student Award that allows her to pursue this research.  You can reach Linda at hotlfops91[at]

Chris Dell (Lead Programmer)

Chris works primarily on the TOLKIN project. You can reach him at cdell[at]

Greg Traub (Analyst Programmer)

Greg works primarily on the RegNum Project. You can reach him at gtraub[at]

Elvis Hsin-Hui Wu (Postdoc, Informatics 2012-2013)
Evgeny Mavrodiev (Postdoc, Systematics 2010-2011)
Lukasz Ziemba (Postdoc, Informatics, 2011-2012)
Russell Watkins (Postdoc, Informatics, 2011)
Haijun Zhu (Postdoc, Informatics, 2008-2010)

Nestor Santiago (Programmer, 2011-2012)
Chris Goddard (Programmer, 2009-2011)

Divya Ranjit (Computer Science, MSc. 2013)
Rakesh Nair (Computer Science, MSc. 2012)
Dwaipayan Mukhopadhyay (Computer Science, MSc. 2011)
Ugandhar Reddi Chittamurru (Computer Science, MSc. 2011)
Purnashre Batthacharya (Computer Science, MSc. 2011)
Bhavik Gandhi (Computer Science, MSc. 2011)
Rajat Sehgal (Computer Science, MSc. 2010)
Srinivas Muddana (Computer Science, MSc. 2009)
Ramachandren Srinivasan (Computer Science, MSc. 2009)