In the Cellinese Lab we investigate the evolution, systematics and biogeography of angiosperms (flowering plants). In addition, we are interested in semantic data integration and interoperability and are developing tools that serve the biodiversity and phyloinformatics communities (e.g., TOLKIN, BiSciCol and RegNum).

Where are we going?

Trips in 2014 (so far)

November 7-9. Taxon Concepts Workshop, Berkeley, CA (Nico)
October 27-31. TDWG Meeting, Jonkoping, Sweden (Nico)
October 25-26. Identifier Workshop (GUIDs), Stockholm, Sweden (Nico)
Summer 2014. Fieldwork in North America (Rebecca)
July 27-30. Annual Botany Meeting, Boise, ID (Nico, Andy, Rebecca, Nic)
June 24-25. iEvoBio Meeting, Raleigh, NC (Nico)

Trips in 2013

October 28-November 1. TDWG Meeting, Firenze, Italy (Nico).

September 9-15. Optima Meeting, Palermo, Italy (Nico).
July 28-August 1. Annual Botany Meeting, New Orleans, LA (Nico, Andy)
June 21-26. Evolution/iEvoBio Meetings, Snowbird, UT (Nico, Andy, Elvis)
April-June. Fieldwork in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy (Andy).
January 10-12. International Biogeography Society Meeting, Miami, FL (Nico, Andy).
Trips in 2012

August 12-15. BiSciCol Meeting, UC Berkeley (Nico).
July 8-11. Annual Botany Meeting, Columbus, OH (Andy)
July 6-11Evolution/iEvoBio Meetings, Ottawa, Canada (Nico).
May-June. Fieldwork in the Balkan Peninsula and Italy (Andy).
February 23-25NESCent - NSF-RCN Phenotype Summit Meeting (Nico).

Trips in 2011

October 16-21. TDWG Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana (Nico, Greg).
July 9-13.  Annual Botany Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri (Nico, Andy). 
June 19-22. Evolution/iEvoBio Meetings, Norman, Oklahoma (Nico).
June 1-3. NSF-RCN Phenotype Meeting, Googleplex, Boulder, CO (Nico). 
May 7-21. Fieldwork in the Greek Peloponnisos and Kiklades Islands (Nico).
May-June. Fieldwork in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin (Andy)
April 23-24. University of California, Berkeley -  Gymnosperm Tree of Life Meeting (Nico).
March 31-April 1. NESCent - NSF-ATOL workshop on challenges in analyzing large datasets (Nico).
March 8-13Berlin Botanical Garden, Germany.  Meeting with our collaborators on Campanulaceae research (Nico, Andy).
February 25-27.  NESCent - NSF-RCN Phenotype Summit Meeting (Nico).